“Lucky You!” says Leprechaun. “You Won a Free Missoula Window Cleaning!”

Luck of the Irish! She won a free window cleaning!

Missoula Window Cleaning

Missoula Window Cleaning

Our little Leprechaun decided to have some fun and give away a Free $200 deluxe Missoula Window Cleaning for St Patricks Day.

He held a little contest on Facebook, and over 15 people joined in the fun.

Our lucky winner is Natasha Loman! Congratulations!

All you need to do is call us and schedule. The you will have the cleanest windows in Missoula!

If you want to win free window cleaning, click over to facebook and “Like” our page. We will have another fun contest just in time for Mother’s Day.

Maybe you will win a Missoula Window Cleaning for you Mom. Or for yourself:)


Keep it clean!

Chief Squeegeeologist

Cyber Monday for Missoula Window Cleaning

missoula window cleaning starts here

Santa saves you window cleaning cash

When it comes right down to it, I’m not that interested in all the hype that goes along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Maybe the hyperconsumerism that is magnified during the holidays takes away from the beauty of the holidays. I like to reserve Thanksgiving and Christmas for being grateful and spending purposefully planned fun times with friends and my family.

That said, I still like to save money and get the most value out of what I spend. And maybe, you are the same way. So I want to help you.

This year, on “Cyber Monday” we are giving you a great deal. It’s down below.

Buy a $100 gift certificate, and we will give you a free $25 gift certificate.

You can buy as many as you like, and they never expire. (You can buy a smaller amount than $100, but there is no bonus certificate)

So go for it. Buy one for yourself and use it for spring window cleaning next year, or for carpet cleaning after the holidays. Buy another one and send to a friend (or put two in your stocking).

But hurry. This offer goes away December 1, 2015 at 10pm.

Go below and click the drop down menu. Select $100 and click “Buy Now” It’s fast and easy. And we will have your certificate to you by Saturday. Shopping done:) Now go…

How Much Do You Want?

^^Missoula Window Cleaning Gift Certificates ^^

Back To School Special :)

Back To School Special :)

The kids are off. Back to school.

That means, summer playtime is coming to an end.

Now it’s time to Get Stuff Done!

Start with our Missoula window cleaning, Back to School special.

Schedule your window cleaning for September, and get a Free gutter inspection.

If they need cleaning, get 20% off gutter cleaning.

That’s it. Time to call Spectrum.



Spectrum window cleaning in Florida?

Sid with Victor and Michael, cleaning up Montana!

Sid with Victor and Michael, cleaning up Montana!

Spectrum window cleaning in Florida?

Are we really expanding across the nation?

It has been a consideration in the past, but, the answer is no.

We are staying right here and focusing on window cleaning in Missoula.

But, there is one very cool thing I want to share with you. I really enjoy our business. Cleaning windows, meeting new people, talking with old friends while cleaning windows at their home. I enjoy working with our very cool team of professionals, too. But one thing I enjoy, doesn’t happen often (only 5 times in 22 years). That is when some of my team or crew that I have worked with and trained decides to expand their view and start their own window cleaning company.

That’s why I say Congratulations to Michael Behm and Victor Weirwille for setting up a professional operation in Pensacola Florida. That’s right, Home-Quality Restorations, LLC is open for business (and doing quite well) under Michael and Victor’s expert direction.

If you end up in florida, Call HQR.

If you end up in florida, Call HQR.

This is the part where I take credit…  haha > joking of course.

Michael did spend 2 seasons working with Spectrum window cleaning here in Missoula. And Victor came up for 6 weeks of our deep training experience. Both are skilled technicians, worthy of the squeegeeologist ™ title. More importantly, both are men of honor. Honesty, integrity, work ethic – they live it each day.


So congratulations, Michael and Victor. We miss having you here, and wish you all the best !


Keep it clean,



What Happens When Spring Comes in February?

So what happens when spring comes WAAYYYY too early?

It is February 9th, and I already have tulips
sprouting up in my backyard. All the snow is
gone from the massive pile that was by my driveway,
and I washed my cars with the hose, wearing shorts.

I admit, I am loving the warm weather. But it just seems

People should be posting photos of their epic run through
knee deep powder, and complaining about the ice in their

I’m not sure what the larger effect of the sunshine and
warm weather will be, but I am soaking it up – enjoying
every ray of sunshine that dances across my pale winter

Sid owns window cleaning

When Spring comes way too early, go enjoy it!

So, here is my quick list of the best things about the
extra warm weather we have been having:

• no snow to shovel
•  lower heating bills
•  nice afternoon hikes on the trails with my wife
•  I don’t have to mow the lawn
•  there are no mosquitoes
•  you can have your windows cleaned by Spectrum:)

The last item is probably the best way to celebrate
the sunshine and enjoy the warm weather. The muck
that has built up on your windows doesn’t have to
stay there until May. Jump on the “Early Spring”
wagon, and get some “Missoula Window Cleaning”
done while the sun shines.

It won’t last until spring – We all know there will be

another blast of cold before we can get on the river.

So face the sun (and then, later, the cold) bravely.

With clean windows. It’s the best way.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Time to get ready

Yes. When Spring arrives, you want to go play outside.

But wait! Don’t you have some work to do, first?

Probably. That’s why I made this handy Spring Cleaning Checklist for you.

It’s a little long. But thorough.

* Side note: Guys. I realize you want a list that looks like this:

1) Rinse off patio furniture. 2) Sit. 3) Open beer.    Done:)

But the list below will actually make life at home happier.  OK. On with the list.


This Spring cleaning chore checklist will help you take care of important seasonal chores and welcome Spring to an organized home.

NOT how to clean windows.

Around The House:

  • Schedule a family garage clean-out. Create efficient storage for sporting goods, camping equipment, recreational vehicles, and garden tools. You’ll have the jump on summer fun! (Better yet, toss it. Much easier to organize with less stuff)
  • Inspect, clean and repair outdoor furniture.
  • Tour house exterior and grounds. Make a list of any needed seasonal maintenance.
  • Inspect the roof for winter damage: leaks, missing or broken shingles or tiles. Arrange for any needed repairs early; roofing contractors can be hard to find during summer’s construction season.
  • Use a sunny Saturday to scrape, prime and paint peeling spots on trim or woodwork. You’ll protect wood against Summer’s heat and moisture–and prevent a more difficult paint job come fall.
  • Clear away any remaining dead foliage and weeds from beds and lawn. New growth will be protected from damage or disease.
  • Begin major Spring landscaping projects. Spring’s the best time to put in shrubs and trees, but check with your local extension office for specific planting recommendations for your area.

The Inside Story:

  • Changing seasons, changing clothes. Hold a family wardrobe check as you bring out warm-weather clothing. Sort winter clothing for discards and donations before you store.
  • Hold a garage sale! Declutter house and garage to turn trash into cash. My favorite way to part with semi valuable items is Craigslist or eBay.
  • Pick a weekend and enlist the family for Spring cleaning. Many hands make light work! Reward the team with pizza night and a movie (Guys – insert beer here)
  • Wash windows inside and out.  I know a fellow who can help you out… click here
  • While at the window area, check drapes and window treatments. Vacuum any dust; send dirtier drapes to the cleaners.
  • Move furniture and vacuum beneath it.
  • Arrange for a spring inspection of cooling systems. Don’t wait for the first hot day! Air conditioning firms will give better service when they’re not busy.
  • Drain sediment from hot water heaters.

Sure there is more. But this is a fine start. If you want a detailed checklist, click here.

I often tell my kids, “You will enjoy playtime better once your work is done.”

So get to work and enjoy the Spring.

One more hint: I often tell my coaching clients that they have to get everything done. But that rarely means they have to do it all. 2 Key words here: Outsource. Delegate.

If you would love a day off while everything is done, call a pro or two and enjoy the result you can get for a few hundred dollars. And head off on a mini adventure for the day. When you return home, the work is done. *sigh* Never knew golf could be so productive…

You can call us for

Missoula window cleaning

Missoula gutter cleaning

Missoula pressure washing

Missoula carpet cleaning


Keep it clean!
Sid Graef



Is It Spring Yet? (Spring cleaning just ahead)

Is it Spring Yet?

I have been asking myself that for a week…

Remember the snow storm we had? The 2 photos below were taken exactly 3 weeks apart. (seems like 6 months apart… )

Is it time for spring window cleaning yet?

Does It Look Like Spring? March Came In Like a LION!

Missoula window cleaning

Now. That's Better!

Just reminds me of one thing I have learned with weather here.

In Montana, I call it “Boy Scout Weather”. Just be prepared.

Since the weather has been unpredictable, I have decided to make an announcement:

“I hereby declare it to be Spring!”

That’s right. Spring is here. By the calendar. And by decree.

So get out there and enjoy it.

Go for a hike. A run. A bike ride.

Wash your cars. Prep your lawn. Set out the patio furniture and clean the grill. Start you Spring cleaning projects. Get ready for warm Spring weather and an end to long Missoula winter we have had.

As the sun streams in your windows, and you struggle to see out because they are dirty. Just remember that your friend, Sid, and the team at Spectrum Window Cleaning are on your side. We are ready to make you happy, with amazing window cleaning (and more).

Are your windows crying out for Help?

If your windows are crying out for help, we will save you:)

All the best, my friend. Thanks for stopping by.

Keep it clean,

Sid Graef


window cleaner in Missoula

What Is The Best Time To Have My Windows Cleaned?

I get asked this question a lot.

“Sid, really, what is the best time to have my windows cleaned?”

window cleaner in Missoula

Sick of Dirty Windows?

I’ve answered this many times. Talk about the time of year, how often you will have them cleaned, rainy season, etc. I don’t want this to sound self serving, but it really comes down to this:

The best time to have your windows cleaned is when you are sick of looking at dirty windows. 

That’s it. It doesn’t matter if it is spring, summer, winter, fall, morning, evening… before or after a Griz game. Any time is a good time.

Even rain or shine. Many folks want to wait until rainy season is over. It actually doesn’t matter. And this is why:

When it is raining or about to rain, usually it comes straight down and does not touch the glass. If it does rain on your windows, and they are clean, the rain drops evaporate and the windows are still clean. See, the rain doesn’t get them dirty. Dirt gets them dirty. It is when windows are already dusty or dirty and rain hits them that you end up with spotty windows.

The other reason you should never hesitate to have windows cleaned (by us) because of rain is our unique window cleaning guarantee. We do something no one else does.

We give you our 7 Day Rain or Shine Spot Free Guarantee for your home. If your windows get spotty or messed up for any reason, within 7 days, you just call us and our team will come re-wash any windows needed. And I mean any reason. If we get a wind storm, a rain storm, a blowing snow storm… no problem. We will re – wash. If your neighbor’s dog shakes himself off on your front porch after a bath, no problem, we will re- wash. If your grand children decide to finger paint the inside of your home, and go Picasso on your windows, no problem, we will re-wash the windows (sorry about the walls, though).


The only time I would avoid having the windows cleaned is when there is a big storm, with rain and wind. Just wait until it is over then call us.

So when is the best time to have your windows cleaned?

When you are sick of looking at dirty windows. And that is probably right now:)

Missoula window cleaning

The Good, Bad and the Beautiful

So if your windows are making you sad, or sick to your stomach….

call or email us, and we will come to the rescue. Until then,

Keep it clean:)


February: Perfect Time to De-Clutter

February: Perfect Time to De-Clutter

clutter buster- before and after

Before and after clutter

“Keeping your stuff in order is one major key to sanity.”

If you find yourself feeling constantly overwhelmed, tired, annoyed or even confused, the cause may be in your surroundings at home. If you have cluttered surroundings, it can make you irritable and much less focused. This leads to procrastination, time wasting and lower productivity.

To help you break through the mess and be more productive, here are 12 quick tips to get you started. But take heed: don’t try to do this all at once, or even in one day. Taking these 5 steps one day at a time can be the key to success. Here you go…

#1 -Tackle the Table

In many homes, the kitchen or dining room table is a “Junk Magnet.”

Mail, kid’s homework, stuff you will -just-put -there-for-a-minute… piles up in a hurry. Here’s a tip to break it. Spend 30 minutes solid handling it. Grab a garbage can and sort mail into piles: Do Now, To File, Toss, etc. Then take those piles and place them aside. Resolve to deal with one pile each day (or better yet, just do it now). Also, stand. Don’t sit. That way you will keep moving and be less tempted to fall into reading all the fine print on the credit card offers…

Once the table is clear, place a nice tablecloth on it and set the table with nice dishes and flatware. Use crystal and china. Add a nice center piece. This virtually eliminates the desire to put anything else on the table.

#2 – Make Your Bedroom a Haven

Haven - A Place of Rest

Remove the clutter from the dresser, table, TV, and bedside table, then dust. Only put back things that truly belong. For your dresser top, put a dish or basket to handle keys, change and other ‘do dads’ that generally live in your pockets.

Take your room make over another step. Put on fresh sheets and make your bed nicely. Each day when you get up, just turn around and make the bed. That immediately eliminates one piece of chaos from your world. Get a laundry basket or hamper and always, always put your clothes in the hamper or fold / hang and put away. Don’t just drop them on the floor.

Closets and dressers…. there are many ways to handle these, and I don’t really like any of them. My method is to put on some music I really enjoy, get a garbage bag and set a timer for 30 minutes, then get busy. Just work and enjoy the music. Toss anything you have not worn in 12 months into the bag. Drop it off at Goodwill today.

The goal here is to make your room welcoming and peaceful so you can actually relax and get rest in your bedroom. It will make your sleep much better, too.

#3 – Tame Toiletries

For the most part, I feel like little “organizer” trays and kits are an overpriced waste of time. But not in the bathroom. So here is my method. Remove everything from the bathroom counter and clean it well. (And the mirror). Only replace essentials on the counter: toothbrush, hand soap, makeup, shave station and the like. Use holders, like a nice cup or toothbrush holder. Don’t allow any loose items to live on your counter. Then tackle your top drawer. Take everything out and clean the drawer. Anything you don’t use or that is over 6 months old, just toss. Get an organizer basket or divider to use in your drawer, and replace the things you use at least twice a week. Nothing else should be in the top drawer.

Repeat with the other drawers and under the sink. Stash a cleaning kit under the sink. It helps to get a cleaning caddy that will hold all the supplies in one spot. Put large items and items you rarely use in bottom drawers or under sink.

Hang your towels. Just keep things off the floor.

Having your bathroom in order will help you start your day more focused and blessed. You won’t step into a messy environment first thing in the morning.

#4 – The Living Room

In our home this is a very important room to keep in order. We have 4 boys and a busy lifestyle, so there is much traffic coming and going. But a key part of the day for my wife and I is what we call “Club Coffee.” Almost every morning we start with a cup of and conversation. This keeps us on the same page and things with our kids don’t get missed.

But it is almost impossible to have that conversation if the room is out of order. It becomes a distraction. Instead of hearing my wife tell me how handsome and wonderful I am (*smirk*) I am looking at the pile of shoes scattered by the door, or a newspaper on the floor by the sofa.

So we set up easy rules: Shoe come off when you come in. Line them up. No backpacks by the door. They go downstairs. Mostly, we just don’t let the kids eat in the living room or leave anything there. It is a place we can all enjoy without being a mess.

#5 – Repeat the Basics for Each Room

There are many little tips and tricks to help with each room. But the basics are all the same.

Discard & simplify: toss it, donate it, give it away. When you have less “stuff” it is easier to keep it tamed.

Keep it clean. Clean is always nicer than dirty.

Systematize it. When you set up a system and follow it, the tasks are not overwhelming. Just a matter of routine.


State of Mind

Our outward environment (desk, bedroom, house, etc) is almost always a reflection of what’s going on in our head. If our junk is a cluttered mess, it probably looks the same way in our head, too. Disorganized, cluttered or confusing thoughts. Just

Before and after clutter

cleaning our environment can immediately give us more mental focus and clarity.

So carve out some time to make your world better. DeClutter, clean and organize:)

Keep it clean,
Sid Graef




PS: We do more than just clean windows in Missoula and Bozeman.

Here is a list of what we offer:

Missoula window cleaning, Missoula window washing, Missoula carpet cleaning, Missoula gutter cleaning, missoula pressure washing

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Winterize It… it’s not too late.

missoula window cleaner finds art in winter

natural window art

Although the weather has been spring-like for almost a month, we got a crisp reminder today that winter is still here. With 25 degree temperatures and snow and wind, it is definitely a time to bundle up and build a fire.

It is also a reminder that we need to take care of business around the home –


Here is a short list of things you can do this week to make winter better. Less stress on you and your home. So take a look and let’s get busy.


1. Call an HVAC professional to inspect your furnace. Your furnace has been running non stop for a couple of days, have an HVAC professional come check it out and give it a tune-up. You definitely don’t want to have it quit when it is below zero. They’ll make sure your furnace is running efficiently and safely. During a furnace inspection the HVAC will likely do the following:

  • Do a safety check for carbon monoxide
  • Clean and replace air filters
  • Check blower operation
  • Clean motor and fan
  • Inspect gas piping to furnace

A furnace inspection will set you back $100 or more, but the energy savings and your family’s safety is well worth the investment. You might get the bad news that you need to replace the entire furnace. If that’s the case, take advantage of federal tax credits for new furnaces, which cover 30% of the cost, up to $1,500.

2. Have the HVAC guy clean and inspect heating ducts. While the HVAC man is at your house inspecting your furnace, have him do the same to your heating ducts.  Studies have shown that up to 60% of heated air escapes from ducts before making it to the vents. That’s a lot of money leaking out of your pocket. The HVAC guy can check for any leaks in your air duct system and then take steps to seal them.

3. Trim any nearby trees. If you have any tree branches hanging near your roof, windows, or driveways, trim them back. Snow and ice will weigh them down and possibly cause them to break. I’m sure you have seen branches snap from the wieght of snow and ice. Don’t let them snap and smash your car or house.

4. Reverse ceiling fans. Most people don’t know that you can use your fans during the winter to keep your house warm. On every ceiling fan there’s a switch that allows you to reverse the direction of the blades. Switch it so your ceiling fan rotates clockwise. That will push warm air down and force it to recirculate throughout the room. Don’t forget to make the switch again when it starts to warm up!

5. Block air leaks. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5% to 30% of your energy use. To find those leaks use the Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector. You’re likely to find drafts underneath doors and near windows. If you find a leak underneath your door put a draft snake across the bottom of it. A simple rolled up bath towel will work. If you have leaks near your windows, get some weather-resistant caulk and caulk them from the outside. You can use weather stripping as well. Other places you might want to check for leaks are where pipes and wires exit your foundation.

6. Winterize the A/C. You’re probably not going to be using your air conditioner during the winter, so taking some steps to protect it during this time can extend the life of your machine. Winterizing your A/C is easy. Drain any pipes or hoses coming from your air conditioner. You don’t want them freezing during the winter months. Also make sure to vacuum out any pools of water you have in the A/C’s drain pan. Another step you can take is to cover your central air unit with a plastic air conditioner cover. The cover will keep water and snow out of the unit and prevent rusting.

7. Replace your furnace filter regularly. Regularly change your furnace’s filters throughout the winter. A dirty filter impedes air flow, reduces efficiency, and could even cause a fire in an extreme case. You might consider replacing your disposable filters with reusable electrostatic or electronic ones. You just have to give them a monthly wash, and they’re good to go another round.

Need storm windows?

8. Install storm doors and windows. Storm doors and windows can increase energy efficiency in your home by 45%. You install storm doors and windows on the outside of your regular doors and windows. Federal tax credits are available to help offset the cost of purchasing them.

9. Check your insulation. Simply adding more fiberglass insulation in your attic can boost the energy efficiency in your home. You need a minimum of 12 inches of insulation in your attic. If your insulation falls short, just add another layer of the pink or yellow itchy stuff. If you’re adding new insulation to your current insulation, make sure the new insulation doesn’t have a paper-backing. The paper acts as a vapor barrier and can cause problems for you down the road.

10. Wrap your pipes. Insulating your pipes reduces heat loss and can raise hot water temperatures delivered through your pipes, which allows you to reduce the heat on your boiler. That will save you money on your gas bill. And by making your pipes energy efficient, you also don’t have to wait as long for hot water when you turn on the shower, which helps conserve water and time. Wrapping your pipes with insulation will also help prevent your pipes from freezing during those long cold nights. You can get pre-slit pipe foam at the hardware store. Simply cut the foam to the length you need, wrap it around the pipe, and fasten it in place with duct tape.

11. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Winter sees an uptick in the number of home fires and cases of carbon monoxide poisoning because people are running their furnaces and boilers overtime in order to keep warm. To keep your family safe, check the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change them if needed.

12. Prepare a 72 hour kit. We lived in Florida for 8 years and always kept a “Hurricane Kit” in a hall closet. It had food and water for 3 days, plus batteries and flashlights. We only used it once. And we were so thankful we had it. The same kind of prep kits is wise here in the cold. What happens if you lose power during deep freeze here? Just be ready. You can buy pre-made 72-hour kits online or at most camping and outdoor stores. Better yet, save some money by making your own 72-hour kit (Hmmm… that would be a good follow-up post.)

13. Get your chimney inspected. Before you start roasting chestnuts on an open fire, have a certified chimney sweep inspect and clean your chimney. Thousands of fires each winter originate in chimneys. A chimney sweep can check the structure of your flue and remove any combustibles or obstructions in your chimney. For more information on finding a chimney sweep, visit the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s website at csia.org. You can also use the equipment free of charge to do it yourself. Just call the local fire department and go give them a deposit. They will let you use the gear you need, and give your deposit back when you return the sweep equipment.

14. Wear a damn sweater. One of the easiest ways to lower your energy bill is to harness your inner Jimmy Carter by putting on a sweater while you’re in the house. A heavy sweater adds about 4 degrees of warmth to your body. If you set your thermostat to 68 degrees and wear a sweater, your abode will feel like a balmy 72. Nice!

Stay warm - stay ugly

At least you won't freeze.

15. Clean your gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to the formation of ice dams on your roof. Ice dams occur when water backs up and freezes near the edge of the roof. The ice continues to build up and eventually forms “dams” that block the path of melted snow from your roof. Water starts pooling in mini reservoirs and begins to seep into your house, causing water damage. To prevent ice dams, clean out the dead leaves and other gunk in your gutters so water can drain freely. It may be a little late for this. But if we get another break with warm weather, definitely check your gutters and make sure they are draining.



Hopefully, you are set to enjoy this winter with time on the mountain or in front of a nice fire. But do take time to enjoy this season. Spring will be here before you know it, and then there will be a different list of things to do…

Until then, enjoy!


Keep it clean.

Sid Graef

Chief Squeegeeologist

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