Who loves cleaning gutters? Probably not many people.

The purpose of gutters on your home is 2 fold:

To get water off your roof and away from the foundation of your home.
To prevent water from running off the roof and down the back of your jacket when you walk in or out.

We are going to talk about #1 – getting water off of and away from your home.

When your gutters and downspouts are clear, everyone is happy.
Things function as they should, and you don’t have water damage issues on your home.

When gutters get full or downspouts clog, then the problems begin.

When your gutters clog and fill with water, they overflow.

Problem #1 >> water runs down the back of your jacket when you step outside.

Problem #2 >> when this persists, you get too much water around the foundation of your home, which can lead to a wet moldy basement.

Problem #3 >> Water overflowing the gutters can lead to soaked and rotting lumber on the eves of your home. The facia and soffit can get ruined and need repair.

Problem #4 >> Water gets into your home. This one really is the worst. If water backs up enough (or if you have ice dam and freezing issues) then your shingles can have water shoved under them, bringing water into the attic, or into the walls, or just leaking through the ceiling.
This is a big, expensive problem. Repairs, including mold remediation, can run into the thousands.

Look what we found in your gutter!

I have a client that had a clogged downspout on an upper level condo. The gutters ran over for some time, leaked into the client’s condo, and also filled the wall of the 1st floor condo below. Repair costs? Over $50,000

The simple solution is to keep your gutters and downspouts clear from debris.

But that is easier said than done.

If you have lots of trees around, they can literally fill up overnight.

And if your roof is steep, it becomes a dangerous home maintenance project.

Here are some recommendations:


Do it spring and fall. If you have tons of trees, you may have to do it, or have it done, more often.
Sometimes this is tricky, especially in the fall. Naturally, you want to wait until all the leaves are off the trees. But, that usually means you are waiting until cold weather is here, and all the wet leaves become a frozen block of ice in your gutters. And that ice isn’t coming out until spring.
Best solution. Do it early. Get the gutters cleared now before it freezes. Better to get them done and risk having a few more leaves fall in later, than not being able to remove a big ice chunk, and having completely blocked gutters.
Prevention – install downspout filters or Gutter Brush gutter guards.
Downspouts – when they clog, it’s a pain in the… you know. And, it’s much easier to scoop out a gutter than bust through an impacted bunch of debris lodged deep in a downspout. Installing a “filter” like Syphoon is simple and inexpensive. (We only charge $15 per downspout if you want them installed when we clean your gutters.)
There are many other screens and downspout covers available. After cleaning literally thousands of gutters, I have seen most. And the best I have found is the Syphoon.
Gutter Brush gutter guard systems.

Just like downspout covers, there are so many gutter guard systems. From screens to full covers, they run the spectrum of price and complexity. Some are reasonably effective. But are a royal pain to maintain, when you have to lift, remove and clean under them. My favorite is Gutter Brush. You can buy direct and easily install it. Think of a giant stiff bristled pipe cleaner, that you just place into a clean gutter. It simply works. Here is a video that shows it’s function.
Gutter Brush: If you are not into doing it yourself, we can install it for you. This is what to expect
We clean and flush all gutters and downspouts, insuring that they are clean and functioning properly before installation.
We install Gutter brush in all gutters
1 Year later, we return to check on your gutters. If needed, we remove the Gutter Brush and clean your gutters, before placing the Gutter Brush back in your gutters.
The Gutter Brush gutter guard system is designed to keep gutters clear of debris and buildup for 3 to 5 years. At which time gutters need to be cleaned and flushed again.
All this is included for only $5.55 per linear foot of gutter on your home.
In the long haul, this saves you money. But more importantly, it helps prevent costly damage to your home, by keeping things flowing correctly.

I hope this is helpful to you. If you found it valuable, please share with your friends or your customers. If you have questions about our cleaning, systems or the products we like, please email or call. We are always glad to help.

Keep it clean!