Want to make a difference in a kid’s life?


This may be the easiest and coolest way to do it – stay with me…

We are giving away free window cleaning in Missoula. (one day only)

spectrum window cleaning

We will clean your windows for Free on Wednesday August 30 2017, when you make an equivalent donation to Watsons Childrens Shelter.

Here are the Bullet Points:
  •  We will clean your exterior windows for FREE when you
  •  Make a donation to Watsons
       (we suggest you donate your normal price of window cleaning)
  •  One day only – Wednesday August 30, 2017
  •  Space is very limited
  •  Residential only (sorry, no businesses)
  •  Call us to reserve your spot @ 544-4289


Here are the Full Details:
If you want to help a vital non profit in Missoula, and get a tax deduction, and have the very finest window cleaning in Montana and make a difference in a child’s life, read on…

Each August we dedicate 10% of our residential window cleaning proceeds to help the fine folks at Watsons in the remarkable work they do.
This year, we have already raised close to $1,000.
But it’s not enough. So here is what we are doing to raise even more money:

We will clean your exterior windows for FREE if you make a donation to Watsons.

Yep. You read it right. We will do it for free.

There is a tiny catch – so read closely.

We are doing this for Free – we do not keep a cent.
You make out a donation check to “Watsons Childrens Shelter”
We (strongly) suggest you make it out for the same amount you would normally pay us to clean your exterior windows.
We will clean your exterior windows (and screens, if they are on the outside of your home)
We will gather all the checks and take them to Watsons Friday September 1st.
You get the full deduction for your donation.
You get spectacularly clean windows and the best service ever.

  • We will be able to clean windows for about 8 – 10 homes in one day.
  •  If you are a current customer, it will be your usual price
  •  If you are a new customer, get your price online in 2 minutes, by clicking here:
               (When you get your estimate, select the “Basic” package)
  • We will schedule you for either “morning” or “afternoon”
  • You don’t even need to be home – just leave your check and then come home to clean windows
  • If you want your interior windows cleaned, let Cassie know and we will schedule it for a separate appointment
  • Everyone on our team is donating some of their time, so tips are welcome:)
Call Cassie in the office to get on the list and help make a difference!

This is Watson’s new home on Buckhouse Lane.


“I believe every child deserves to have a childhood.”

PS: If you want the back story on why we love Watsons, click here.This isnt the first time we have done a volunteer clean-a-thon to help Watsons. The last time was in 2013, and we raised $970. This year we want to raise over $2,000.


If you have read this far, you are probably my mom.

But I want to say “Thank You” for 14 great years of Missoula Window Cleaning.

We also clean gutters, to protect your home when it rains. Awnings, to improve the curb appeal of your business. Power washing, to brighten any building and help things last longer. Carpet and upholstery cleaning, to keep your home fresh. And we even do snow removal (but I’m not ready to think about it yet – I’m still enjoying the sunshine) in limited areas of Missoula.