So what happens when spring comes WAAYYYY too early?

It is February 9th, and I already have tulips
sprouting up in my backyard. All the snow is
gone from the massive pile that was by my driveway,
and I washed my cars with the hose, wearing shorts.

I admit, I am loving the warm weather. But it just seems

People should be posting photos of their epic run through
knee deep powder, and complaining about the ice in their

I’m not sure what the larger effect of the sunshine and
warm weather will be, but I am soaking it up – enjoying
every ray of sunshine that dances across my pale winter

Sid owns window cleaning

When Spring comes way too early, go enjoy it!

So, here is my quick list of the best things about the
extra warm weather we have been having:

• no snow to shovel
•  lower heating bills
•  nice afternoon hikes on the trails with my wife
•  I don’t have to mow the lawn
•  there are no mosquitoes
•  you can have your windows cleaned by Spectrum:)

The last item is probably the best way to celebrate
the sunshine and enjoy the warm weather. The muck
that has built up on your windows doesn’t have to
stay there until May. Jump on the “Early Spring”
wagon, and get some “Missoula Window Cleaning”
done while the sun shines.

It won’t last until spring – We all know there will be

another blast of cold before we can get on the river.

So face the sun (and then, later, the cold) bravely.

With clean windows. It’s the best way.