Sid with Victor and Michael, cleaning up Montana!

Sid with Victor and Michael, cleaning up Montana!

Spectrum window cleaning in Florida?

Are we really expanding across the nation?

It has been a consideration in the past, but, the answer is no.

We are staying right here and focusing on window cleaning in Missoula.

But, there is one very cool thing I want to share with you. I really enjoy our business. Cleaning windows, meeting new people, talking with old friends while cleaning windows at their home. I enjoy working with our very cool team of professionals, too. But one thing I enjoy, doesn’t happen often (only 5 times in 22 years). That is when some of my team or crew that I have worked with and trained decides to expand their view and start their own window cleaning company.

That’s why I say Congratulations to Michael Behm and Victor Weirwille for setting up a professional operation in Pensacola Florida. That’s right, Home-Quality Restorations, LLC is open for business (and doing quite well) under Michael and Victor’s expert direction.

If you end up in florida, Call HQR.

If you end up in florida, Call HQR.

This is the part where I take credit…  haha > joking of course.

Michael did spend 2 seasons working with Spectrum window cleaning here in Missoula. And Victor came up for 6 weeks of our deep training experience. Both are skilled technicians, worthy of the squeegeeologist ™ title. More importantly, both are men of honor. Honesty, integrity, work ethic – they live it each day.


So congratulations, Michael and Victor. We miss having you here, and wish you all the best !


Keep it clean,