I get asked this question a lot.

“Sid, really, what is the best time to have my windows cleaned?”

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Sick of Dirty Windows?

I’ve answered this many times. Talk about the time of year, how often you will have them cleaned, rainy season, etc. I don’t want this to sound self serving, but it really comes down to this:

The best time to have your windows cleaned is when you are sick of looking at dirty windows. 

That’s it. It doesn’t matter if it is spring, summer, winter, fall, morning, evening… before or after a Griz game. Any time is a good time.

Even rain or shine. Many folks want to wait until rainy season is over. It actually doesn’t matter. And this is why:

When it is raining or about to rain, usually it comes straight down and does not touch the glass. If it does rain on your windows, and they are clean, the rain drops evaporate and the windows are still clean. See, the rain doesn’t get them dirty. Dirt gets them dirty. It is when windows are already dusty or dirty and rain hits them that you end up with spotty windows.

The other reason you should never hesitate to have windows cleaned (by us) because of rain is our unique window cleaning guarantee. We do something no one else does.

We give you our 7 Day Rain or Shine Spot Free Guarantee for your home. If your windows get spotty or messed up for any reason, within 7 days, you just call us and our team will come re-wash any windows needed. And I mean any reason. If we get a wind storm, a rain storm, a blowing snow storm… no problem. We will re – wash. If your neighbor’s dog shakes himself off on your front porch after a bath, no problem, we will re- wash. If your grand children decide to finger paint the inside of your home, and go Picasso on your windows, no problem, we will re-wash the windows (sorry about the walls, though).


The only time I would avoid having the windows cleaned is when there is a big storm, with rain and wind. Just wait until it is over then call us.

So when is the best time to have your windows cleaned?

When you are sick of looking at dirty windows. And that is probably right now:)

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The Good, Bad and the Beautiful

So if your windows are making you sad, or sick to your stomach….

call or email us, and we will come to the rescue. Until then,

Keep it clean:)