Is it Spring Yet?

I have been asking myself that for a week…

Remember the snow storm we had? The 2 photos below were taken exactly 3 weeks apart. (seems like 6 months apart… )

Is it time for spring window cleaning yet?

Does It Look Like Spring? March Came In Like a LION!

Missoula window cleaning

Now. That's Better!

Just reminds me of one thing I have learned with weather here.

In Montana, I call it “Boy Scout Weather”. Just be prepared.

Since the weather has been unpredictable, I have decided to make an announcement:

“I hereby declare it to be Spring!”

That’s right. Spring is here. By the calendar. And by decree.

So get out there and enjoy it.

Go for a hike. A run. A bike ride.

Wash your cars. Prep your lawn. Set out the patio furniture and clean the grill. Start you Spring cleaning projects. Get ready for warm Spring weather and an end to long Missoula winter we have had.

As the sun streams in your windows, and you struggle to see out because they are dirty. Just remember that your friend, Sid, and the team at Spectrum Window Cleaning are on your side. We are ready to make you happy, with amazing window cleaning (and more).

Are your windows crying out for Help?

If your windows are crying out for help, we will save you:)

All the best, my friend. Thanks for stopping by.

Keep it clean,

Sid Graef