I can’t believe it’s already August!

That means, (boo hoo) that 2013 is more than half way over, and summer in Montana will be coming to a close. I didn’t want to think about that yet, but the chill in the air this morning reminded me of fall.

I wanted to give you a quick update on our 10th Anniversary shenanigans.

So far, in celebration of 10 years of Missoula window cleaning, we have…

• sent Spiderman up and down the side of the Millenium building

Spidey in Missoula!

• given away FREE window cleaning to 3 customers and 4 non profits (Missoula Childrens Theater, Watson Children Shelter…)

Window cleaning gift certificate

Congrats Peter & Carol - window cleaning winners!

• Had a big ol’ customer appreciation party

• Introduced the annual window cleaners’ ladder race (Click here for ridiculous video)

And really, we are just getting started with the Celebration.

So what’s next, you ask?

Awesome August! That’s what.

We are stepping up the game and “Bringing AWESOME Back!” For the entire month of August, we are pushing to clean as many residential windows as possible. Not only because we love making your home look amazing and helping you enjoy your view with crystal clear and clean windows, but MOST importantly, because we are donating to the Watson Children’s Shelter.

Here is how it works:

For every home window cleaning we do in August, we are giving Watson’s a full 10% of the proceeds. No strings attached. Why? Because I love what they do for kids. And that makes a difference in our community. And a HUGE difference in the life of a child.

How can you help?

That’s easy. And it’s a great big WIN for everyone. Call us to set up a time to have your windows detailed by our awesome technicians. (Make sure to get it done in August, or it won’t count.) We take care of the ‘dirty work’ and make your windows shine. You get to relax (maybe even take a day off, ’cause you are not doing it yourself) and enjoy the beautiful view, without breaking a sweat.

We clean. You enjoy. Watson’s gets 10%. It’s simple and it’s good. WIN.

If you have not had your Missoula windows cleaned this year, this is a great reason to do it now. Help yourself. Help a child.

So let’s repeat these steps:

1- Call and schedule a window cleaning: 544-4289

2- Relax and enjoy

Make sure to connect with us on Facebook to keep track of how much we raise for Watson’s and the fine work they do there.

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Thanks for reading. Thanks for your business.

Keep it clean!


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