I love spring in Missoula!

Mostly for the much longed – for sunshine. but also for the unpredictable weather. I grew up in the south, so until coming to Missoula in 2000, I had never experienced sun, snow, rain and more sun, all in the same day. Mix in a little wind and sleet, and you have a Montana spring day.


I also love watching the mountains come alive with green. From my window in the Rattlesnake, I have watched the elk herds on Mt. Jumbo get replaced with hikers.


Spring is  great time of renewal and refreshing life. A time of new beginnings. As you get into your spring renewal and spring cleaning, let us help. Call us for crisp, sparkling clean windows and let in the glorious sunshine. We also provide carpet care. We will help you chase out the winter “blahs” so you can embrace the warm new season.

Keep it clean!