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So this is “Spring” in Montana?

I call it Boy Scout Weather: Be Prepared.
Today, we woke up to snow, ran in it, saw it
change to rain, then sunshine (Yes!), then snow,
then hail…. and now it is sunny (sort of).

And it is still early!

I will keep this short.
Mother’s Day is coming.
Next week. Yep. And you can always
get the amazing Mothers in your life flowers…
And you should. However…

(Beware: shameless self promotion ahead)

If you REALLY love your mother (in-law), or wife or yourself…
Have their windows cleaned!
You will instantly become “The Favorite”

Can’t you hear the conversation at the next family reunion?
Mom says, “John got me flowers, BUT my favorite son
had my windows cleaned for me! By Spectrum, no less!
Isn’t he wonderful?”

I hear this stuff all the time.

OK. Here is what I have:

We have 4 time slots available this week to clean
windows at your home, or that of your mom / in-law.

If you email me and say:
“Sid. Make ‘em shine!”

One of our Glass Master teams will detail those windows,
and make you very happy. AND
I will add in a $25 window cleaning gift certificate that you can
give to someone you care about or use later. AND I will give you
a card for a truly great cup of coffee at Bernice’s.

How’s that for a Mother’s Day Deal?
This little special is only available by email.
And only if you contact me by Tuesday, May 3.

(When those 4 spots are filled, it is over)
Send your email here:
Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day! 

Keep it Clean,

Sid Graef


Send your email here:
PS: Not sure if “Mom” can be home this
week for our professional Glass Masters?
Get her a gift certificate instead.
They come in any amount, are always welcome
and the NEVER expire. And, if the amount is
$125 or more, I will still give you a bonus $25 certificate. 

PS… again: We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
And we can accept it over the phone. And get your certificate
where it needs to be on time.

One last thing: Feel free to tell your friends and family in

Missoula. Why keep all the goodies to yourself?
Thanks again.
Send your email here: